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What Are The Most Important Things To Know About Window Tint Film For Cars

Cars are better with tinted windows. What should you consider when shopping for window tint film for cars? Click here for important details.

Car window tint film is one of the most popular car accessories on the market. Apart from privacy, it also helps with driving and blocking up to 99% of UV rays.

UV rays are detrimental to your skin’s health and interior car parts. Tinted cars are less likely to experience interior fading or cracking.

This car tint film is an investment you can’t afford to miss if you spend a lot of time in your vehicle. But you may not know what to consider when shopping for window tint film for cars, so we’re going to share some tips with you.

The Law
Window tint is a great way to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. However, the drawback of window tint is poor visibility for drivers if the tint is too dark. On top of that, police can’t see inside your car. Fortunately, state laws dictate how much window tinting is allowed on each vehicle’s windows to ensure everyone stays safe.

Window tinting legality varies from state to state, so it isn’t always straightforward or easy to find information. In Florida, car window tint is a little more lenient. Residents there are legally allowed to have 15% on the rear and 28% on the front.

But the legality of window tint varies for different vehicles. We recommend getting a professional opinion from a car window tinting service.

Window Tint Removal
If you decide to remove window film from your car, it must be done by an authorized professional. You’ll want to research what type of adhesive is used before jumping into any deal. Inappropriate adhesives could damage your vehicle.

And if this isn’t enough, keep in mind that window tinting is not recommended for cars with broken windows or cracks. They’re more difficult to take out safely without damaging them even further/leaving behind residue.

The Cost
Tinting car windows prices can vary greatly. Window tint films are typically priced by square footage.

In other words, the cost of window film for a car will depend on the size of your windows and which type of film you need. It is vital to take into account that darker tints usually cost more than lighter tints.

For instance: A small car with just an average-sized window will start at about $150. However, if there are specialty colors that require more time, it can be upwards as high as $350-$400+.

Types Of Window Tint
Window tint is an easy way to get your car looking great. But, which type should you choose? Four main types of window tints exist: dyed film, metallic film, ceramic film, and carbon film.

Dyed Film
Dyed window tint is an affordable option for those looking to give their car a more customized look. These tints include multiple layers of infused dyes that absorb solar heat and reduce the potential increase in cabin temperature. They, however, don’t provide much protection against UV exposure.

There are different levels of opacity available for dyed window films. And they’re more like visual enhancements than privacy and security enhancements.

Metallic Film
Instead of using dyes, which fade under extreme sunlight conditions, metallic film is infused with tiny bits of metals like copper or silver. These provide an elegant shine that won’t diminish from sun exposure.

A metalized tint provides stronger protection for your windows, so they are less likely to shatter during accidents. In addition, they have heat blocking features – allowing you to cool off inside the car on hot days.

Carbon Film Tint
Carbon tinted window film is the best way to create a comfortable cabin experience. This type of tint is infused with carbon for added benefits like blocking UV radiation and infrared protection. It will block nearly 40% of IR rays from entering your car, while also protecting interior parts from fading or aging.

Ceramic Tint
Window tints are a great way to block the heat and glare of sunlight without reducing visibility. Ceramic window tinting products can reduce up to 50% solar heating and produce exceptional shatter resistance. In addition, they reduce glare or fading and blocking 99.9% of UV rays.

Working With Professionals
Working with professionals can be a great way to get window tint film for your car. They will have the knowledge needed about what is best for you and your circumstances. Plus, they will also provide installation services, so you don’t need to worry about doing it yourself.

DIY installation can get tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. And it not only gets more expensive but also time-consuming. Professionals are trained to do measurements according to industry standards, which means they’re more likely than DIYers to get this right on the first try.

Window tinting is a delicate process that can either make your car look sleek or ruin it. Do you want to be proud when driving around, or do you prefer an average-looking vehicle?

Also, poor workmanship, such as an amateurish installation, will lower an individual’s perception of its price if you’re selling it.

Get Professionally Installed Window Tint Film for Cars
Finding the best window tint film for cars can be a daunting task with many different options to consider. To help you get started, we recommend visiting a professional car window tinting service near you and get their advice on what is suitable for both your budget and needs. They will happily explain all the pros of each option, as well as potential cons.



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