What Are Paint Protection Films?
Paint protection films, also known as clear bra, are thermoplastic urethane films that are professionally installed on the painted surface areas of your car, including body panels, roof, hood, and trunk. This clear coat provides paint protection from light scratches and dings and offers some stain resistance.

When you invest in paint protection film, you can take advantage of its self-healing properties to ensure that you will not have paint correction done regularly whenever there is a chip in the paint. Car owners throughout Florida have been enjoying the many benefits of protective film for their vehicles, and you can too by

You may be wondering why paint protection film is even necessary since it was not done in previous decades. The answer is quite simple. Car manufacturers have begun to use water-based paint because it is more environmentally friendly and adheres to the regulations set out by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Although the paint is better for the environment, it is more susceptible to chipping and scratching. That is where applying protective films plays a vital role.


Benefits of Car Paint Protection Film Installation
Many benefits of paint protection film can be yours when you call Naples Auto Armour. Some of the most important advantages of having paint protection film professionally installed on your vehicle (as opposed to ceramic coating) include:

Maintaining the finish and sheen of the paint on your vehicle for as long as possible.
Enabling you to sell the car for the maximum amount, should you ever be in that position
Extending the life span of the original paint job.
Reducing the amount of washing you will need since paint protection film also features a self-cleaning ability.
Providing you peace of mind as you drive around Naples, FL, knowing that your car's paint will remain in great condition since a clear bra protects it.

With all of these great advantages of paint protection film, there is no reason to delay contacting Naples Auto Armour about investing in the clear bra. Our highly trained and certified technicians are happy to walk you through all of your options and give more details on all of the benefits of paint protection films.

Why Should I Consider Having Naples, FL, Professionals Install Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

Professional Knowledge

When it comes to the installation process for paint protection film, it is not something that should be done by an amateur or without the proper training. If an untrained or non-professional individual attempts to apply film to your vehicle, you risk dealing with yellowing, blistering, or peeling.

Eco-Friendly Paint

In the past, sub-standard paint protection film and the adhesive may oxidize when exposed to UV rays for an extended period. Over time, manufacturers developed an acrylic adhesive that would no longer oxidize, so consumers would not worry about yellowing.

Expert Installation

Blistering and peeling are the results of poor installation. When installing PPF, the technician must ensure no air bubbles underneath the protective film (caused by a contaminant trapped between the two surfaces) and smoothed over the edges. An air bubble will likely appear if the vehicle is not well-prepared before installing (washing, claying, polishing).

For these reasons, you must have an experienced PPF installer complete the work for you. At Naples Auto Armour, we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our paint protection film application.



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